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The final report was submitted to the European Commission in early March, 2016. It will be evaluated in the coming 3-4 months. Some of the documents in this report can be found under Newsletters & Information and Final Report.



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​SAMBAH – Static Acoustic Monitoring of the Baltic Sea Harbour Porpoise – is an inter-national project involving all EU countries around the Baltic Sea, with the ultimate goal to secure the conservation of the Baltic Sea harbour porpoise.

To achieve this, SAMBAH aims to increase the awareness and knowledge about the Baltic Sea harbour porpoise, estimating population densities and total abundance. The project will also produce distribution maps of harbour porpoises and identify possible hotspots, habitat preferences and areas of higher risk of conflict with anthropogenic activities.

The new knowledge will be spread among policymakers, managers, stakeholders and the general public, to make possible a management of the population based on sound knowledge about its size, distribution and possible threats.

The study area stretches from the Darss- and Limhamn ridges in the southwest to the northern border of the Åland archipelago in the north. Here, approximately 300 porpoise click detectors were deployed for two years between May 2011 and May 2013, and the collected data are currently being analyzed.

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